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Dialysis services offered in Indianapolis, IN

You need dialysis when your kidneys are no longer able to clear waste and water from your blood. Dialysis is a life-saving treatment. Bryant King, MD, is an internal medicine physician specializing in nephrology (kidney disease) at his office in Indianapolis, Indiana. That includes the management of chronic kidney disease and patients who need dialysis. To schedule an appointment at the office of Dr. Bryant King, call or book online today. 

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment that takes over the function of your kidneys. 

Your kidneys filter water and waste from your blood to make urine. If you have kidney damage or chronic kidney disease (CKD) that affects your kidneys’ ability to perform these functions, waste and fluid build up in the body. When left untreated, this excess fluid and waste are life-threatening. 

Dialysis treatment removes the water and waste from your body and helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance. Dialysis also helps control blood pressure.

Dr. King is an internal medicine physician with a specialization in nephrology, an area of medicine that diagnoses, treats, and manages problems that affect the kidneys. That includes treatments like dialysis.

Who needs dialysis?

Anyone in kidney or renal failure needs dialysis. You’re in kidney failure when your kidneys lose 80% to 90% of their function. 

You can develop kidney failure over time if you have chronic kidney disease. Conditions like diabetes and hypertension increase your risk of developing CKD and kidney failure. You can also go into kidney failure from acute illnesses like an infection or an injury. 

Dr. King provides comprehensive care for his patients with CKD, closely monitoring kidney function and providing education and support that helps maintain kidney health for as long as possible. 

What are the types of dialysis?

There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


Hemodialysis is a machine that uses an artificial kidney, called a hemodialyzer, to filter the water and waste from your blood. During dialysis, the machine removes blood from your body through a special catheter, cleans it, and then returns the blood back to your body.

When on hemodialysis, treatments take about four hours, three days a week.

Peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis uses your abdominal cavity and dialysate to clean your blood. For this type of dialysis, you place the dialysate in your abdominal cavity, where it stays for 60 to 90 minutes, absorbing the fluid and waste from your blood. You then remove the dialysate.

You can do peritoneal dialysis up to four times a day, or you can use an automated peritoneal dialysis machine, which filters your blood continuously at night while you sleep.

Dr. King talks to you about dialysis treatment options. Together, you decide what method might work best for you. 

For compassionate care of CKD and dialysis, call the office of Dr. Bryant King or schedule an appointment online today.